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What Is The Most Valuable Information In A Skip Trace?

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.10.21 AMAt the end of the day, skip tracers are trying to locate an individual. Typically, they are looking for a debtor who has been unresponsive to a company’s requests to pay up. In fact, they have “skipped” town, making it nearly impossible to serve any formal complaint.

Naturally, it would seem that the most valuable information to a skip tracer would be a current address, right?


Of course, any successful locate must include some location information. But this is just a starting point.

Think of it this way – where are you going to hide if you are trying to escape a creditor or the law? Is it at an address where you have hundreds of official paper trails leading to your door? Probably not.

Let’s take a look at some of the other pieces of information contained in a skip trace reportthat can help locate an individual.

Possible Relatives

It is not uncommon for people to stay with family during a time of crisis. Family is a lot easier to inconvenience. Your skip may very well be staying with a favorite uncle while they attempt to outlast any creditor who is pursuing them for an outstanding debt. The family member may not know the real reason why the individual is staying with them, so a quick call to their residence could unravel the lie and expose the skip.

Properties Owned By Subject

Although it may not be their primary residence, your skip may own other properties where they could have temporarily relocated. Check into summer homes, condos in the city, or income properties owned by your skip.

Common Residency

You may have forgotten about the few months you lived with your best friend after a bad breakup, but the skip trace report doesn’t. These reports keep track of individuals with whom the skip has shared a residence for any period of time. If they aren’t staying with family, or at a second home, your best bet is to check with past roommates and friends who are more likely to take in the skip.

For the skip tracer, it pays to think like a skip. Experience  is the best teacher, but for those who are newer to the profession, leveraging the fullness of a skip tracing report will accelerate this process and increase your chances of success.