Most Recent Addresses

Current Addresses

Whether you’re a collection agency looking to mail someone a notice or you are a law office looking to locate a witness – there’s one thing you need: the target person’s current address. So how do you make sure you can find someone’s most current address or address history?

There are many data sources these days, but using only a single source for verifying someone’s address will yield relatively low successful hit rates. Here are three things to look for when selecting a partner to help you find current addresses.

First, make sure that your data partner is using at least one credit header data source. A credit header source is the address reported to one of the major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian or Equifax. Foresight Information Services uses data from all three bureaus to ensure our data on current addresses is the best.

Second, it is always a good idea to combine data sources with data reported by the NCOA National Change of Address database from the USPS. This method is, in addition to other data sources, another method of checking to see if a person has “left a forwarding address.” In some cases, people don’t want to be found – which is why a ‘triple-header’ source, as described above, is critical.

Third, your partner should have access to utility data: electric or gas. Combining utility data with triple-header data boosts the current address hit rate, as people may have moved with no forwarding address – but they always need lights on, no matter where they move.

Foresight Information also includes data from consumer sources – data that has been self-reported by people purchasing goods or services – while opting not to make their address confidential. After all, when you buy something you want to have it delivered to the right address!